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Topic: How to succeed in my class, and in life!

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How do you rate my teaching style? [1 vote(s)]

You made me love learning!
I had fun but didn't learn as much as I wanted.
The music is too distracting for me to learn.
I prefer a different teaching style.
I didn't learn much in your class.
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How to succeed in my class, and in life!

Forget what you think teaching should be. I'm turning it upside down.

I am always experimenting with what works and doesn't work inside my classroom. Each group of students is different, but as humans we are much the same. I am developing a style of teaching that I have named "Total Sensory Teaching". This involves teaching through using all the senses and then some. This involves different lighting, music, and visual effects within the classroom by adjusting accordingly to the students energy levels and providing intriguing lesson plans accordingly. What this means is when I expect high energy from you, as students, don't be surprised if I amp up the volume to the latest dance tracks as you quickly work in groups in timed activities. On the other side, when it's time to really study and understand a concept in class you may find yourself with the lights dimmed, mellow relaxation music gently playing in the background, and a motivational slide on the board to ponder about in between studying. During some activities we may also simply leave the classroom and books behind to enjoy a different setting to practice what we have been learning in a new environment.

Take ownership of your education.

As a teacher, I get my energy from the students. I will always try my best to make the class enjoyable, but if you as the students come to class tired all the time, try to use your mobile phones all the time, or are not at all interested in bettering yourself as a person, then class will be boring for you. I need you to particiapte in the class. Be involved. No class is more boring than just listening to a teacher talk the whole time. That style of teaching is not productive for learning. Join in the learning process and take part in class. Have fun, make jokes, enjoy the company of your friends, but in the end make sure everyone is learning together.

 Talk with me about any problems you may be having in my class.

Before being a teacher I am a human being. This means that I understand that we all have problems outside the classroom just as much as sometimes inside the classroom. If for any reason you need help please talk to me one on one and let me know what is going on in your life. Many students do poorly in school because of relationship problems, family problems, motivational problems etc. If you let me know what is bothering you I can offer some advice on how to help you be successful despite the outside problems. With a little guidance we can get you mentally prepared to be successful during this time of your life.



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I got it!


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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